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I Want to Be Waterless

Why Be Waterless?

There has never been a better time to go Waterless with WhiffAway. Whether you are replacing your existing urinal fixtures or building new bathrooms from the ground up, the WhiffAway Waterless Urinal System is the most innovative, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, and hassle-free solution on the market.  

Other waterless urinal systems are plagued by unpleasant odors and frequent clogs. WhiffAway uses patented technology, together with its unique on-site service program, to eliminate malodors and prevent clogs.

WhiffAway Waterless Urinal Systems are also superior to high-efficiency, touchless urinal systems. High-efficiency urinals still waste water! Oh, and by the way, their pipes still clog. They also require a substantial upfront investment and will cost you more in water, sewer, and maintenance costs.

WhiffAway Waterless Urinal Fixture includes:

The Original Hygiene Valve

WhiffAway created the first-ever Hygiene Valve. This unique, one-way valve is part of a patented system that allows liquids to flow down-drain, but prevents gases and liquids from passing back through. It includes an odor barrier that is strong enough to withstand back pressure and will not break over time, and a physical barrier that prevents bacteria from entering the washroom.

The Bio Shell

The WhiffAway Bio Shell uses bio-enzymatic solutions to prevent drains from clogging. It also contains a patented fragrance formulated to neutralize urinal odors.

Scent-Ring Technology

This unique dual-purpose design releases custom fragrance formulation and acts as a debris-catcher, preventing unwanted objects from entering the drain.

UPC-approved Installation Pack

Ensures easy retrofit installation and preventative maintenance.


Save Water

Why needlessly waste water? Save on the water, energy, and sewer costs associated with traditional flush urinals.

Eliminate Odors

Our patented technology and hands-on approach to service is proven to eliminate unpleasant odors and clogs.

Regulatory Compliance

WhiffAway Products are IAPMO approved, conform to code, and are UPC and CUPC certified.

Cut Costs

In addition to water and energy savings, our preventative maintenance program helps you save on operational costs, urinal deodorizers, and cleaning supplies, which are provided by us.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our products and services. All of our programs are backed with our warranty and our satisfaction guarantee.
24/7 Services

High-touch Service & Installations

Our team of Urinal Maintenance Specialists keep your urinals running perfectly with routine preventative care, site inspections, and 24/7 support.

There's never been a better time
to be waterless

We can upgrade your existing waterless urinals or help you make the switch. Contact us today.