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About Us

A Smarter Approach To Waterless Urinal Technology

WhiffAway Group is a UK-based company and a global leader in waterless urinals for more than 20 years. Since creating the world’s first retro-fit Waterless Urinal System in 1992, WhiffAway has continually challenged the status-quo, both with its technology and duty of care.

WhiffAway USA is owned and operated by the McLean family and Kesten family, who together have over 100 years of fragrance product expertise. The team also has deep roots in water conservation. Valerie McLean, the inventor of the first retro-fit waterless urinal system, was raised on a farm in Kenya. Her father was 2nd Engineer at Owen Falls Dam on Lake Victoria, Uganda, and these experiences helped to shape her unique understanding of water conservation.

In 1997, WhiffAway Group partnered with McAlpine Plumbing Products, a fellow family-owned and operated business and the first UK company to manufacture plastic traps. McAlpine is a market leader in plumbing products, and its expertise helped to shape WhiffAway’s technology.

WhiffAway is committed to water conservation, and we are as passionate about helping our customers cut costs, reduce hassle and improve the quality of their restrooms.

Technology + On-Site Service

WhiffAway provides a complete, end-to-end waterless urinal solution unlike anything else on the market. We use cutting-edge technology and a preventative maintenance program to eliminate the problems that have been traditionally associated with waterless urinal technology. You’ll never have to worry about changing cartridges, fighting clogs, or struggling to cover up unpleasant odors again.


Memberships & Affiliations

WhiffAwayUSA prides itself on the work that we do for our communities. We aim to spread awareness about water conservation as it feeds into some of the bigger environmental issues our society faces. By making positive changes at a personal or community level, WhiffAwayUSA hopes to ignite a global movement in which everyone is more conscious about their water usage. However, we are not alone on this mission and we are lucky to be members of and affiliated with so many amazing organizations looking to contribute to our mission in their own ways. These organizations include: Save Our Water, USGBC, Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Green Business Partnership.


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